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Placenta Encapsulation

We observe strict cleanliness and hygiene. Before we process your placenta, we will sanitise and disinfect our workspace and equipments. 

The placenta will then be steamed and infused with lemon, ginger and chili for it's warming properties. 

The dehydrated placenta will be grinded into fine powder.

The placenta are clean with upmost care with clean fresh water to remove all coagulated blood, debris and blood clots. 

The placenta will then be cut into thin slices and then dehydrated until it's completely dry. Our dehydrators are specially customised in stainless steel for your hygiene purpose. 

Lastly the grinded placenta powder will be encapsulated and the precious capsules will be kept in an amber glass bottle. The amber glass bottle we use is freeze grade if you would like to store them in the freezer.

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