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on Placenta Encapsulation

on Medical issues

If I have a medicated birth such as Epidural and Pitocin or cesarian, can 

I still encapsulate my placenta?

Epidural and Pitocin break down very quickly after entering the placenta. 

If you have any other medication during pregnancy and birth we ask you to seek advise from your doctor. Please be advise that we are not doctors and would not be able to tell if the placenta is suitable to be encapsulated. 


What if I am a Strep B positive or requires antibiotic, will I still be able to use my placenta?

Yes. We practice the Traditional Chinese Method where steaming is part of the process which will kill all bacteria. 


If I have pre-eclampsia, can i still encapsulate my placenta?

Yes, however it is best to get confirmation from your doctor. 


What if I give birth prematurely? 

Of course. Mothers of premature baby would need help in boosting their breastmilk. Placenta are full with CRH hormone, a stress reducing hormone which would help in elevating your mood.


I want to do stem cells or cord collection. Can I still do placenta encapsulation?

Yes, you can do both. It will not affect your placenta.

However, please be advise that if you do cord collection, there won't be cord keepsake. 


What are the circumstances where the placenta can't be encapsulated?

There are 3 scenarios where it is not suitable to be encapsulated:

1. If you are carrier of bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D, STDs or HIV/AIDS

2. If your placenta was sent to pathology in the hospital it will be contaminated. You may request for the hospital to take just a small piece for examination while you keep the rest refrigerated while you wait for the result.

3. If your placenta was not kept chilled in an icebox with ice/ice packs and it's placed in aircond room temperature for more than 6 hours. 


When will be the best time to cut the cord if I were to do delay cord clamping?

We highly recommend all mothers to choose delayed cord clamping for the benefit of their newborn. Delayed cord clamping involves leaving the umbilical cord intact for at least 3-10 minutes after birth, longer if possible.  
During this time the cord is still pumping up to 150ml of iron and stem cell rich blood to your baby which has been scientifically proven to have lifelong benefits to your baby.  Delayed cord clamping does not affect placenta encapsulation in any way.


Can I still encapsulate my placenta if I do lotus birth?

A full lotus birth takes approximately a week for the cord to drop off. During the week, the placenta could be infected with bacteria and hence, will be unsuitable for encapsulation. 








How can I be sure that it is my placenta?

Rest assured that it is your placenta as we practice a one placenta at a time policy.


How long will the process take?

Generally, your placenta will be ready within 24 hours. As everyone's placenta is different, especially the blood content, some may take more hours to fully dehydrate. In such circumstances, our Specialist will inform you via Whatsapp. 


Can I have photos or videos of the process?

Due to hygiene issues and we are on gloves all the time, we do not provide photos or videos of the process.









How should I store my placenta after birth?

After birth, keep your placenta in refridgerator or ice box with ice packs (4°C). The placenta is safe in fridge temperature for 3-6 days (depending how cold is your fridge) or in freezer up to a year (provided there isn't any frostbite). 


Can I encapsulate my placenta if I have kept it in the freezer for sometime?

Depends. If the placenta's freshness is maintained and it's not longer than a year, it is possible. However, we would need to have a quick check if there is any frostbite. 









What are the charges?

Our charges are RM600 inclusive of collection and delivery within Specialist area. A 50% booking fees are required upon confirmation of availability. 


When should I start making booking?

As soon as you decide to encapsulate your placenta. We run on a booking basis, hence when you decide to encapsulate your placenta, do a check with us on the availability. 















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