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Safety Hygiene


Our Equipments. Medical grade steriliser, dish washing liquid, disinfectant, disposable apron, gloves and mask, encapsulator, stainless steel equipment and our custom made dehydrator tray.

Gift of Love Code of Ethical Conduct and Standard Practice stipulates Gift of Love Specialist  to adhere to the Gold Standard of Practice for Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.


As there is no clear guideline in Malaysia where Gift of Love practices, all our Specialist are bound to adhere to the Gold Standard of Practice which following the OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen guideline, FDA Food and Drug Preparation Guideline and also Universal Precaution for our Safety and Sanitization.



















All our equipment are made of stainless steel or disposables. All reusable equipment are sanitised and disinfected with medical grade disinfectant for each use. We put your safety and our Specialist safety our upmost priority.

















When it comes to hygiene, we believe we are the leader in this line of business. Not only we adhere, we do more than it's necessary to ensure everyone's safety. This is our commitment to you in regards to Safety & Hygiene. 


Custom made dehydrator tray. Blood borne disease can stay up to 3 weeks, hence a high chance of disinfecting another if we were to use plastics. We custom made these tray so that we can boil these tray after each use for everyone's safety. 

UV Steriliser. UV Steriliser is the most effective way to disinfect germs and bacteria. Non stainless steel equipments such as blender and encapsulators can be sterilise in a safe way. 

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